Spending the Community Infrastructure Levy

The Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) is a charge which can be set by local councils on new development to raise money to help fund infrastructure, facilities and services needed to support new homes and businesses. 

CIL is applied as a charge on each square metre of new building and is payable by most residential and retail developments in the Tandridge District.  

The council collects the levy and distributes it to projects in the district. This is done via a bidding process which allows applicants from the Tandridge District to make their case to be awarded funds.  

The bids are initially assessed by council officers before going before a working group of councillors to make the final decision. The working group is made up of councillors from around the district to ensure overall balance in the distribution of the money. 

The most recent round of awards made by the council’s Planning Policy Committee, approved funding of over £2 million for various infrastructure projects. They included support for: 

  • Queens Park in Caterham, to improve the park and its public amenities, including better toilets and the widening of pathways for disabled access and also to implement flood alleviation measures.  
  • Station Avenue in Caterham, to improve its public space and implement flood alleviation measures, with the aim of attracting shoppers, visitors and new businesses and boosting economic growth. 
  • Hurst Green Community Association, for the design phase to renovate and extend the Hurst Green Community Centre. 
  • St Mary’s School in Oxted, to upgrade the swimming pool for the school and local community to use. 
  • Lingfield Sports Association, to install a drainage system so the Godstone Road playing field can be used throughout the year. 
  • Oxted’s Business Improvement District, to support improved signage around the town centre. 
  • Felbridge Parish Council, to upgrade the village playground with a new surface and equipment. 

  We have now allocated all the current income generated from CIL so this year will be focused on making sure the projects are taken forward and delivered as agreed. More details about the CIL process are on tandridge.gov.uk/cil. 

If you have any comments/questions, please get in touch at: Cllr.Catherine.Sayer@tandridge.gov.uk

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