Editor’s View: Rebalance Healing

A series of personal issues led Rachel Strachan to realise there were certain areas of her life where she still felt unfulfilled. She had used crystal healing, Reiki and various holistic therapies in the past to help her cope with stress and chronic illness and so she decided she wanted to increase her understanding of how Reiki, a Japanese form of energy healing, could be used to help heal people, both physically and emotionally. She began studying the practice and its benefits, and is now qualified as a Level 2 practitioner, with the hope of soon becoming a Reiki Master. 

Rachel opened her healing room in Biggin Hill in July, and I recently visited her to try out the experience for myself. Reiki is commonly used to reduce stress, something extremely prevalent in my life as a mother of three with an extremely busy work schedule. I also often suffer with labrynthitis, which can be triggered by stress and anxiety.

My time with Rachel began with a consultation, where I told her of my specific issues, and she explained what the session would involve. I then lay down under a blanket, and was given crystals to hold in each hand.

Rachel's treatment room

I find it difficult to let my guard down with those I don’t know well and I had initially been cynical about being able to relax in an environment I wasn’t familiar with, but Rachel’s calm voice really resonated with me, and I could feel my tension drain as she held her hands over me. The ambience created by the warmth of the blanket, the candles and incense was a great help as well. As I absorbed the atmosphere I felt myself start to relax and become more receptive to the gentle questions she asked me. 

After allowing her pendulum to swing down my body from head to toe, Rachel pointed out that my chakras didn’t seem grounded. I found it interesting that she was able to pinpoint my lower back pain, as well as the pins and needles in my hands that I suffer from. I enjoyed the pleasant tingling sensation that spread through my feet, and the feeling of calm that washed over me was definitely something I don’t get to experience very often!. At the end of the session, Rachel used her homemade sage spray, a herb traditionally connected with healing. 

I believe I really received the full benefits of my Reiki treatment the next day. I had a clearer outlook on issues which had been worrying me, plus a feeling of balance and energy circulating throughout my body.

It’s not just people of all ages that Rachel can help either; she regularly works with horses, cats and dogs too. She uses her healing skills to help reduce stress, ease pain and calm destructive behaviour in the animals, which she believes is often the result of negative treatment from humans.

For further information about Rachel’s Reiki or healing treatments (including her animal and equine work), visit her website. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram.

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