Tandridge Past – Caterham Barracks exhibition

It’s now October, and East Surrey Museum is excited to announce that its next major exhibition, telling the story of the Caterham Barracks, launched this month!

The barracks originally opened in 1877, as a home to all five regiments of the Foot Guards. Learn about the fascinating history of the site, from its opening and early development, through to the many conflicts the guards took part in, including both world wars. Then, on to the post-WW2 era, the 1975 IRA bombing of a local pub, The Caterham Arms, and the barrack's final closure in the 1990s.

Find out how many of the buildings have been redeveloped or repurposed, and discover the impact of the barracks on the town, with reminiscences from guardsmen, staff and townspeople. We’ll also look at some of the people who served as guardsmen at Caterham, including the ‘Quality Street’ soldier in the 1960s, and Richard Stokes, the first black guardsman, in the 1980s. This undated photograph shows the original entrance to the barracks on Coulsdon Road, where Guards Avenue is now.

Original entrance to Caterham Barracks, Coulsdon Road, now Guards Avenue

(Photo credit: East Surrey Museum)

Admission to the museum and exhibition is free. For further details (including opening times), please visit our website: www.eastsurreymuseum.org.uk

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