Whyteleafe Village Council

Through informal consultation with residents and the Community Hub, Whyteleafe Village Council has identified over a hundred proposals to improve the parish for all of its residents. Councillors have assessed these ideas and prioritised them based on the resource requirements of each (in terms of difficulty, time, effort and cost), against the benefit to the community.

The ideas were collated into categories, and each category was assigned a lead councillor, as follows: 

1. Safety & Security 
(June Henty)
2. Finance and Fund Raising 
(Zach Jones)
3. Events and Initiatives 
(Deano Cline)
4. Roads, Transport & Traffic 
(David Lee)
5. Strategic Planning & Planning Applications
(John Moffatt)
6. Elderly, Vulnerable, & Young 
(June Henty)
7. Village Aesthetics 
(Sakina Bradbury)
8. Environmental Enhancement
(Sakina Bradbury)
9. Communications & interaction
(Marcus Jones)

This strategic model encourages the participation of resident volunteers to maintain a community spirit in everything we do. We are now in the process of reaching out to give more people the opportunity to become involved in these exciting projects. 

To this end, on Saturday 11th September, we held a residents’ consultation at Whyteleafe Recreation Ground. This informal meeting explored residents’ views, the future of Whyteleafe, and how the council can make positive changes to our village. Thank you to everyone who took part.

We will take forward ideas and keep residents informed of projects started and completed. If you would also like to volunteer, please get in touch, using our contact details below. 

As a volunteer, you will be welcomed and supported. You can participate flexibly to suit your lifestyle. Almost all our councillors and volunteers have jobs and other commitments while still being able to enjoy the friendship and satisfaction from helping with projects that improve the village. 

If you would like to suggest some ideas, or join one of the teams above, please email the chairman of the Village Council at the address below, or contact us via the council’s website whyteleafevillagecouncil.gov.uk. We will be delighted to discuss your area of interest with you. Register soon to join our happy and motivated team of volunteers.

Together, we can make Whyteleafe an even better place for everyone. I look forward to hearing from you.

Dr. Marcus Jones
Chairman, Whyteleafe Village Council
Email: cllr.m.jones@whyteleafevillagecouncil.gov.uk


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