My Orpheus Poem

When I first joined Orpheus, I felt a new level of freedom.
In my mind, I’ve made plenty of friends, started taking part in group activities and also I told the students and support workers my own home-written stories.
I also like the outreaches that I am doing.
My favourite ones are definitely the East Surrey Hospital Radio, (I think) and Big Fish Media where I’m currently training as a voice-over.
I also like my supported internship at the Warlingham Co-Op. I also liked it when passers-by told me the whereabouts of the merchandise and I helped find things for them too. As I always say, ‘Helping the public doesn’t bring out the best in you, but everyone as a whole!’
I learned on my internship how to dress appropriately, how to treat customers well and also arriving at the correct time. I also learned how to work with other people.
In the Co-Op’s warehouse around the back, there’s a great big walk-in fridge and a big freezer as well. When I set foot in the massive, walk-in freezer, it felt like I was taking a vacation in the sub-zero arctic tundra. I never walked into a walk in freezer in all of my life. But when I did, it was a new experience for me!
My favourite work experience was definitely doing Ridge Radio with Steven Rann. It gave me a chance, for the internet to hear my good taste in music and mostly, my vocal impressions. I was able to play records for my friends and I had to do research about the records which I wrote pages on..

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