Caterham hockey star's Olympic dream

A Caterham hockey player has spoken of his determination to achieve his Olympic dream, after the games were put back due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Zack Wallace, 20, who attended Caterham School, had been hoping to fly to Tokyo this month as part of the Team GB men's hockey team after playing a key role in their qualification:

"It would have been around now that the Olympics was going to start. That was the goal but now things have changed. I was actually also going to play in the Dutch league next year. My plan was to do the Olympics ,and then go out to Holland as I had already signed the contract and everything was arranged.

Now, in order to again be selected for Team GB I will have to be playing domestically in the English league, so the plan to go out to Holland has gone out of the window."

The attacking midfielder currently plays for Surbiton hockey club who have won the men's English hockey league three times in the last four years.

Zack, who has 43 caps for England and Team GB, has great ambition for the future:

"On a personal level, I would love to be the best player in the world. In a more team-like point of view, I would love to win an Olympic gold medal, that would be the goal. We have quite a young side (GB), and we're still building, so the Olympics being delayed is actually quite beneficial for us.

We definitely have a chance of winning a gold medal in the future. It may not be the next one but certainly for either Paris 2024, or the one after, we will be in very good shape as a team."

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