Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic

After Public Health England advised on the lockdown in the the middle of March, the Coulsdon Osteopathic Clinic adhered to the guidelines and closed its doors.

We recently spoke to Jitendra Vara, Clinic Director and he explained that throughout the lockdown the most common injury were from workers who were normally based in the office. He explained that these workers were now working from a laptop from their sofa and dining table which was causing neck and headaches. Homeschooling and watching excessive amounts of box sets together with a large amount of anxiety as a result of coronavirus pandemic all increased muscular tension during this period.

He also told us that a lot of injuries were also from people who are not used to jogging or running and consequently this has damaged their knees. The increase in gardening activities has also in turn caused lower back problems. The clinic have embraced technology by carrying out consultations via video platforms and over the phone which has in turn resulted in clients not having to suffer at home.

The clinic has now reopened and is operating under the new norm with heightened hygiene and safety precautions. For further information or to book an appointment visit;

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