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How well is your company managing the “Get back to work” process? Are you at a career crossroads due to changes in your current employment?

Nearly all of us are having to change the way we work, or possibly looking for new challenges as the impact on Covid-19 kicks in. Recent figures show unemployment is going to spiral out of control with many company’s making cuts to enable them to meet the new demands of the business but what support is being given to these individuals? Career coaching, mentoring and emotional support are all key. All employers have a duty of care to its’ staff but supporting them during these difficult times is often forgotten.

Many companies are welcoming staff back to work after being furloughed. But how many of them are talking to their employees about the new way of working or addressing any concerns the employee many have? Your staff are the fundamental backdrop to any business. Making them feel engaged and supported is paramount. Communication between employees and employers is now the number one value for any forward-thinking business.

The Caterham Independent Newspaper is delighted to team up with Blue Turtle Business Services to offer support, to both employees and employers alike. This is your chance to send questions into us and we will try and answer them via a new monthly column within this newspaper and online.

Blue Turtle Business Services offers expert advice on how employers manage team engagement to get the best possible service from their teams. They can also support business through times of change whilst helping support staff through, what can be, a difficult time.

BTBS also offers coaching, mentoring, career advice and planning to individuals. Supporting through change in a confidential and inspirational way. Helping you back on track after lockdown. The Caterham Independent welcomes any business questions on concerns about coming out of lockdown and invite you to send them to us at;

Blue Turtle Business Services are also available for consultations and welcome the chance for a free 30 minute discussion to establish your individual needs. From these discussions a plan can be discussed to support business and individual through these difficult times.

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