Letter from the Editor – July 2020

Welcome to the July edition of ‘The Caterham & District Independent’.

It’s hard to believe but we are now over halfway through the year. The enforced lifestyle changes we’ve made due to Covid-19 make it feel as if 2020 has never really got started but we are now slowly adapting to our ‘new normal’. Despite the difficulties we have faced, we have really pulled together as a community, helping each other to cope with ill health, travel restrictions, difficulties finding essential supplies and a myriad of other issues.

Lockdown has been incredibly hard for many people and we don’t yet have a full understanding of the enormous toll it has taken on the nation’s mental health. Hopefully, the recent easing of some restrictions will have helped to counteract some of the more negative aspects, and will have brought back welcomed benefits, such as being able to meet up with friends, albeit still outside and socially distancing, in the most part.

(Lockdown has definitely been too much for my household appliances: both my washing machine, hoover and television all stopped working last month. I think they’re complaining of being overworked!)

We are now starting to see the welcome return of many local shops and businesses, which is great for the borough. The end of June saw the new Couglans Bakery open in Old Coulsdon. They’re an artisan eatery, crafting delicious treats and I’m thinking a Caterham & District Independent review might be in order soon!

It’s just dawned on me that we’re into the last few weeks of term, signalling the end of home schooling for many, and the beginning of the holidays. I know that our normal schedule of playdates, trips to stay with friends and family, and visits to museums, theme parks and cafes will have to be approached very differently this year and I’ve already started planning how we’re going to tackle the long weeks ahead! I’d love to hear your ideas for holiday activities, how will you be filling your days before the schools reopen in September?
Summer is now in full flow, and the weather has been alternating between the thunderstorms and downpours that the environment desperately needs and the wonderful sunshine that has allowed me to work in the garden while my children play. I’ve been going for early morning runs and this has the double benefit of giving me both headspace to plan out the coming day’s work on the paper and an opportunity to see the beauty of our county in the spectacular dawn light.

My husband and I have also been enjoying the odd drink or two in the garden in the evening warmth, which leads me to this month’s fantastic competition. Take a look at page 15 to find out how you could be the lucky recipient of a round of amazing cocktails from bar management company ‘Single or Double Events’!

2020 is the 80th anniversary of the Battle of Britain, and we have taken a look at Kenley Airfield’s hugely significant role in the Royal Air Force’s campaign against the German Luftwaffe. We were lucky enough to go on a guided tour of the site with Alan Morgan, from the Kenley Airfield Friends’ Group. He explained how the Kenley Revival Project is restoring and protecting this important piece of British military history so that everybody can enjoy the space and learn how it helped keep our country safe during the Second World War. Our report is on page 13.

The paper features an insight into another of Ridge Radio’s fantastic presenters plus our regular columns on Finance from Chantal Baker and Education with Alison Goulden. Renee Canter takes a look at what’s happening in our gardens at this time of year, and we also pay a visit to the wonderful Lingfield Nature Reserve.

It’s hard to predict what will be happening across the country when the August edition of ‘The Caterham & District Independent’ goes to print, but we will continue to update you, through our website and social media, of any significant changes made to our lockdown rules. We have to accept that life will continue to feel strange and unsettled for a good while longer but we are fortunate to live in a place where people have come together to ensure everybody is safe and being looked after, and it is this sense of community which lifts us.
This reminds me of a quote from the Greek storyteller, Aesop:
“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

That’s all for this month. As usual, if you would like to get in touch with us please do so through our website: www.caterhamindependent.com
or email me at: editor@caterhamindependent.com




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