Caterhams Mystery Artist

The Caterham and District Independent team were very excited when our News Desk was contacted by a local resident who explained that she was the friend of a talented artist living in the area, who had been painting insects and flowers onto pebbles! To date the artist has painted over 100 pebbles during lockdown and left them across Caterham in natural places for residents to find; she tells us that 90 have already been found and picked up. The talented artist has requested to remain anonymous to the community, but her tiny works of amazing art painted onto pebbles have brought joy to many.

We met with the artist who, when asked why she preferred to remain anonymous explained that she enjoys the connection and communication which the pebbles offer her to members of the community during this time when people have been forced to be distanced from one another, alluding to an almost virtual dialogue with those walking through the same areas as her. She hopes too, that during recent months, it has brought delight to both adults and children and perhaps encouraged or inspired others to pick up a paintbrush. She told us that she is happy to continue making and leaving her mark across the community.

We are hoping that maybe, in a few months time, she may decide to reveal her identity and we could then feature more of her outstanding artwork.

If you are a local resident and you have found one of these or perhaps another painted pebble on your travels, please do contact us as we would love to hear from you. Send us a photo and let us know where you found it so that we can showcase the diversity of Caterham’s art and crafting community that mirrors the diversity of our natural wildlife.

Please contact us at and we will send you one of our fabulous mugs!

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