Local girls in Old Coulsdon raise money for East Surrey Hospital

After her grandmother suffered a fall, Jessica Briers (aged 12) and her neighbour Avery Smith (aged 9) set about raising money for East Surrey Hospital. Inspired by Colonel Tom Parker they decided to do a sponsored walk around their road. Their plan was to raise £100. On Saturday 30th May they set off on their 100 laps and were supported with clapping and cheering from friends and neighbours along the way. After walking an estimated 20 miles they have raised a total in excess of £557.

Jessica’s grandmother, Mrs Jean Solomons of Langton House, Warlingham suffered a fall whilst clapping for the NHS. She was ta

ken to East Surrey Hospital by ambulance after suffering a broken hip. With the current restrictions in place this meant that no family could visit whilst she remained in hospital.
We spoke to Mrs Solomons, who is now back home and recovering well. She said “I would like to say a huge thank you to the doctors and nurses of Newdigate Ward. They all work so hard and in such difficult circumstances at the moment. Although my family were not able to visit me, the nurses and staff more than compensated with their care and attention. It is all rather ironic that I was actually outside clapping for them only to become one of their patients. I would also like to thank the nurses and staff at Caterham Dene Hospital and the district nursing staff”.

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