Local Agency, ‘Models of Diversity’ sends a smile

Models of Diversity is a registered charity based in Old Coulsdon which has been established by ex model and campaigner Angel Sinclair to challenge the fashion, beauty and media industry to be more inclusive and show greater diversity. The agency has been extremely successful over the past decade and has fought for people of minority, ethnic origin, older people, larger and smaller people, people with a disability, and non- binary gender people, who are often underrepresented, to be seen.
Previous years has seen the agency place models in Fashion weeks around the world including New York, Milan, Russia and London. Last year they held a successful catwalk for Diversity during London Fashion Week. Their nationally run workshops for models with disabilities also contributed towards launching the modelling careers of Kelly Knox (Primark) and Jack Eyres (Scope, NY Fashion Week etc) and continue to play a key part in building confidence and inspiring others.
The agency have launched their ‘MOD Send a Smile’ initiative. ‘MOD Send a Smile’ is a weekly giveaway and raffle which includes care packages comprising of clothing items from their Ebay store (new clothing donated from high street brands), Easter Eggs, sweets, flowers and other goodies. The packages are given to nominated individuals who are either key workers or working on the front line (and live within the community) and who have been nominated to receive a reason to smile!
To date packages and goody bags have included a hamper of over 15 Easter Eggs being delivered to a family in lock down, 40 cupcakes given to a Nursing home, a Nurse who has worked four nightshifts in a row and their Cinema night Goody bag to a couple of police officers which included, popcorn, £25 Pizza Hut vouchers a fantastic Pick and Mix.
The agency have featured several personalities live via their Instagram platform covering a variety of topics. They have actress Melissa Johns known for her work in Coronation Street and Doctors will be joining them on Monday 8th June at 8pm to discuss learning to love the body you’re in and the impact of having a disability while growing up and in the media industry.
Twitter – modsofdiversity
Instagram/facebook –  modelsofdiversity
@ www.modelsofdiversity.org

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