The Girl Who Gardens

So, we find ourselves in the strangest of times and I know I’m not alone when I talk of the comfort I’ve taken in the outdoors and especially as I am lucky enough to have my own garden.

Mother Nature certainly knew what she was doing during April – she gave us a balmy Spring to boost morale and the wet, stormy Winter has all but been forgotten!

May is a busy time in the garden with lawn cutting and weeding starting in earnest. We had some well-needed rain at the end of April and that will have given all plants a little of what they need to burst forth and grow and this includes the weeds. The easiest ways to weed are either getting down on your knees with a hand trowel or use by using a hoe to decapitate the weeds. You may use both techniques but be aware of your back and bending over for too long.

If you’ve been growing any plants from seed or have vegetable plants or Summer bedding to go out into the ground, baskets or pots – HOLD FIRE! Don’t be tempted until the threat of a frost has gone otherwise all your tender plants will be at threat from the cold nights that can still be around well into May.

Enjoy the wait, take the time to enjoy your garden and your hard work. Nature has continued her cycle and we can takejoy in the blossom and new growth that is coming.
Renée is a local gardener and designer also known as The Girl who Gardens. For more hints and tips join her Community Group ‘Gorgeous Gardeners’ on Facebook.

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