Caterham Valley Support Group

The residents of Farningham Road in Caterham Valley have put together a WhatsApp Support Group for all of those living in the street which currently has 64 households belonging to it. The road have also been ensuring that help is given where needed daily with residents carrying out shopping trips and errands for each other as well as checking in daily with the older neighbours living alone. Whether it be a cup of sugar or a simple chat the neighbours know they can turn to each other. 

A list has also been compiled containing all the birthdays of both children and adults living in the road together with other special events which the street can celebrate during the lockdown. Everyone has made donations towards a collection of goodies which are distributed for birthdays. A present is left on the doorstep and neighbours nearest to that house sing along to Stevie Wonders classic ‘Happy Birthday’ hit from the comfort of their own front gardens.

Easter Sunday also saw resident Andy Sparkes dress up as the Easter Bunny delivering eggs to families via a long grabber! All the children were given a Time Capsule and a competition was held with a prize for each age group (of course with social distancing in place). Birthday gifts have also been either left on doorsteps or handed out with the aid of the grabber!

Once social distancing rules have been relaxed (and in accordance with the government guidelines) the residents are planning to contact the council to request for the road to be closed so that they can plan a street party! Local resident Lisa Fisher recently told ‘The Caterham and District Independent’, “we feel like we have created a caring and supportive community which is looking out for one another. We can’t wait to have our street party and really get to know each other and have the opportunity for our children to make new friends”.

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