It’s hard to avoid coronavirus at the moment. In the world of education the uncertainty seems to be particularly acute and many parents and students are concerned about the practicalities of A-Levels, GCSEs, SATs and other exams. However these are unprecedented times and, as can be seen by the many hilarious memes and posts, many parents are struggling to keep order let alone worry about whether their child has grasped the nuances of fronted adverbials.

Being a Mum and a teacher, has taught me children need normality as much as possible, so my advice to all you homeschoolers is to not be too hard on yourselves. Try and keep to routine if you can with same bedtimes and mealtimes, my husband has even replicated the kids timetable at home although judging by his frazzled state around midday, I’m not sure how well it is going!

As a tutor, we have moved all our group classes online and it is clear the children are enjoying, not only the normality of learning, but more importantly the camaraderie of interacting with other children and having some structure to their day. In addition to this, the parents gain that much needed respite from the intensity of our daily lives right now. Technology, so often the curse of modern parenting has suddenly become a godsend.

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