Creativity and Emotional Wellbeing

The emotional benefits of creativity are huge. I experienced this first-hand, when I re-connected with my artistic nature a few years back. I was having a difficult time processing a traumatic experience, the steps I took in order to heal, included painting to express my feelings. Within a few months of re-igniting my passion for art, I started to share my work publicly; I then decided to make space in my life to become a professional artist.

I am now passionate about sharing the benefits of creative self-expression and have enjoyed learning a lot about mindfulness and therapeutic art as a result. I now work with people of all abilities including those with learning disabilities, supporting them to explore artistic endeavours. You only need to watch children playing, to be reminded that we all began with a wonderful natural creativity. As we go through life, many become discouraged, criticised for not measuring up to some form of ideal. But art is personal and it is subjective; the most important thing to me is always that the person creating, benefits emotionally from the process. Of course it’s enriching to learn and improve skills; this gives us a valuable sense of achievement that leads to improved self-esteem, but so can creating for the pure joy of it. I always tell people “if you end up with something you’d love to display, it’s a bonus – if you have fun creating it…that is mission accomplished.”

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