Life by the sea – February 2020

Weymouth is not the richest of places, therefore, much is done to raise money for charity. One of the best events in my opinion is the Christmas day swim across the harbour. About 500 people, some in fancy dress jump into the water at various times on Christmas day morning to swim to the other side. (This is not something I ever plan to do; however, I like to participate by being a spectator). I believe that over £20,000 was collected by the Lions who ran the event.
I mentioned in the previous blogs that I run a business, and which is mainly handmade or fair-trade products. One of the items I make are pebble art pictures made from driftwood and sea glass that I might find on the beach. I have also designed my own mugs which have been printed in the UK. These make unique gifts and are mainly inspired from nature. I mostly send out parcels from recycled boxes and packaging which does help the planet in my own little way.
Weymouth has some beautiful golden sandy beaches that stretch forever. It has just won an award a seaside award and has a blue flag. It is a fantastic place for families to go to and incredibly friendly. Hopefully we might see you here one day!

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