Review: Village Spa, Chaldon

 Late nights writing, early mornings busy with the children and hectic weekends all result in tired eyes and dull skin. The Hydrafacial was launched in the 1990s and the effect it has had on both skincare and skin health has made it one of the most popular non-invasive treatments currently available at aesthetic clinics. I was intrigued to find out whether it could help me, so I went along to The Village Beauty Spa in Chaldon to try it out.

The facial included hydradermabrasion, to cleanse my skin, followed by lymphatic drainage, cleansing and exfoliation, a brightening agent, extraction, hydration and, finally, LED lighting with different colours. Being able to see what was extracted from my skin was eye-opening, but strangely satisfying!

When I left the spa my face felt clean, de-toxed and freh. I did wonder whether applying make-up afterwards would be an issue, but it went on effortlessly.  

I've been using the liquid eye pencil serum booster for almost 30 days now, and every time I do I feel a tightness of the skin around my eyes together, with a refreshing and vibrant feel. The Hydrafacial, however, has produced great results for me and I especially like the 'get-up-and-go element' to it, as well as the fact it can treat skin of any age, type and tone, while not being invasive. I have noticed reduced facial lines, and a cleaner feel to my skin.

Thank you for the opportunity to try it, Marie – it's definitely something I would recommend, and I'll be booking in again for it soon.

To find out more about the treatment I had, plus everything else The Village Spa has to offer, get in contact

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