Skincare. Why bother?

Once, when I was interviewed for a radio programme, I was asked a question: “What do you find the most challenging in your line of work?” It could have been quite a long list but the answer that I would put on the top of it is – changing peoples’ attitude.

The attitude that prevails seem to be – why bother? Looking after one’s skin is seen almost as something shallow, silly and frivolous, something that ladies, who take themselves seriously would not waste their time on. It is seen as luxury not a necessity.

We feed our bodies every day, three times a day, because we want to stay healthy, we want our organs and brain to function properly. Well, guess what, our skin also needs regular nourishment. For a healthy body none of us would eat fast food every day. The same for skincare. Good skincare is investment into your healthy skin, your self-esteem and your confidence.

We all lead busy lives and let’s face it, life is full of stress. And the favourite excuses we give ourselves – I have no time, I have a stressful job, I have kids etc. Before you know it, stress levels rise and you skin suffers. Stress sends the body into survival mode by directing most of the blood supply to the vital organs such as heart, lungs and brain. Less blood goes to the skin, which leaves it looking tired and washed out. Cortisol increases oil production, that means clogged pores, which then lead to acne. Under stress the body often produces histamines, which can cause irritations like itchy, bumpy skin, rashes and hives.

Worse still our skin loses about 5

0% of collagen by the age of 40. And don’t get me started on joys of menopause.
I hope you get the idea how important it is to have “me” time. You have been put on this planet not only to be a mother, a boss, everyone’s shoulder to cry – you are your own person!

Finding five minutes in the morning and in the evening for your skincare routine and an hour for a facial or a massage once a month is not such an impossible task. The main thing – it will do your skin, body, and I dare say, your spirit, the world of good. Ninety nine percent of my clients fall asleep during treatment. I wonder why…

Please stay away from “immediate results” treatments. They don’t exist. Healthy, glowing skin it is not some magic trick, it requires commitment and consistency. Use of sunscreen, avoiding sun exposure, excellent home skincare routine designed for your skin type combined with regular salon treatments will give you long-lasting results.

As Coco Chanel once said: “Nature gives you the face you have at twenty; it is up to you to merit the face you have at fifty.”

Lavender Medispa and Beauty Lounge, Caterham Valley

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