Dance Fitness – a Healer!

Dance Fitness has seen a huge increase in popularity, as doctors are now ‘Social Prescribing’ Dance Fitness classes to support their patients with improving both physical and mental ‘well-being’ without the need for medical intervention.
The positive effects of dance and music for mind, body & soul has seen a reduction in the prescribing of traditional medication, with many added advantages.

Tara (Director of Step by Step to Fitness & creator of Uplift Empowering Dance Fitness®) can vouch for the dramatic changes that Dance Fitness has to offer.
Having suffered depression in her lifetime, finding a healthy passion was key to finding wellness.

“For me, small steps daily were all that was required to start my journey to a happier healthy life. Every journey starts with a single step and I just had to put one foot in front of the other!” It was then apt when I started my Company to name it ‘Step by Step to Fitness’!

For me Dance Fitness has everything to offer!

1: Social interaction increasing confidence
2: Assisting weight management
3: Increased flexibility, mobility and strength
4: Improved motor co-ordination
5: Stimulating memory assisting with concentration,
6: Reduction in stress levels through the release of cortisol into the bloodstream
7: Improved circulation
8: Improved mood through the release of ‘feel good’ endorphins and great music which is good for the soul!
Tara trained at The Italia Conti College of Performing Arts in London, where she developed her passion for choreography. She created ‘Uplift Empowering Dance Fitness®’ as a way to keep her mentally and physically well and in turn has helped so many others make positive changes to their lifestyles. “For someone who gets bored easily it was vital that I incorporated variety in my workouts. We work out to uplifting music and each track incorporates about 4 moves where we work on specific parts of our bodies, making it a functional FULL BODY WORKOUT! A fusion of dance styles including the use of our dance scarves for our Bollywood routine brings fun to our classes and allows for individual creative expression! Fun is not only for children it is essential for Adults too and bringing fun to fitness makes it an enjoyable experience. In my classes we do not worry about all going the same way or getting the moves perfect. What is important is progression and not perfection! It makes it more fun when we just let go and dance like nobody is watching!”

Our website: gives much more information about us and what we offer with a class timetable to find classes in your area. Tara will always respond personally to any enquiries and ensures that everyone feels welcome. When not teaching, choreographing or spending time with her family and crazy bulldog, Tara enjoys learning House & Hip Hop Dancing at The Pineapple Studios in London, proving you’re never too old to learn something new!
For more information about you taking your 1st step or just to be involved please feel free to contact Tara: 07717 797 027 or
Also to be found on facebook:

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