Parking meters coming to Caterham next year

Tandridge District Council (TDC) has announced that parking meters will be introduced to Croydon Road and Godstone Road, in Caterham Valley, in early next year.

They will be installed, subject to consultation, following an agreement between TDC, Surrey County Council and the Caterham Business Improvement District (BID). One hour of free parking will be available.

TDC will take over the contract for parking enforcement in Caterham, from April next year, from Reigate and Banstead Council and have operational control of parking. Cllr Alun Jones said:

"I work for a retailer so I know how important parking is. The impact of parking can affect the turnover of shops. It is vital we have better parking provision."

Caterham BID will pay for the meters, with TDC taking responsibility for their maintenance.

The BID, which represents a range of businesses in Caterham Valley, has tirelessly campaigned for greater parking provision since its formation in April 2017, and made the proposal to pay for the meters.

Andrew Browne, of JJ Browne & Son Jewellers, is the chairman of Caterham BID. He believes regulated parking is vital to future of many businesses in the area:

"Unless customers can park very close to your business then they will just shop in another town or shopping centre, or where they can park easily…or worse, go online. Some businesses rely heavily on customers being able to park, pop into their shop and go. We have had businesses close as a result of poor parking."

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