February at St John’s

By John Woodhouse

The month begins with the celebration of Candlemas on the 4th, marking the end of the Christmas season. The choir will sing Nunc Dimittis, set by Frank Shera, and the organ music includes the J.S.Bach prelude for the day and the Toccata by Fernand de la Tombelle.

On the 11th, the final voluntary is Toccata by Eugene Gigout. Lent begins on Ash Wednesday on the 14th, with a service in the evening.

Lent is marked on February 18th with organ music by Bach and the Lent Prose. Jeanne Demessieux composed a Chorale paraphrase on this plainchant ‘Attende domine’.

For Lent 2, on the 25th, the anthem is ‘Lamb of God’ by Samuel Webbe, and the voluntary is Fugue in G minor by Guillame Lascaux.

Singers are always welcome to join the choir. We rehearse on Sundays at 9:30, in the hall. Contact johnwoodhousecat@gmail.com.

St John the Evangelist Church can be found on Clareville Road, Caterham. stjohnscaterham.org.uk 

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