First impressions

If interior design isn’t really your thing and your home environment has a very lived-in feel, what happens when you want to sell and move on? How can you best present your home and attract prospective buyers?

It is a known fact that in the current market the one thing that will most encourage people to view your home is photography (and good quality photography preferably!).  According to Coulsdon estate agents EweMove, the more photos you have the better (and VR tours/360 videos are an added bonus). 

Here is your guide to styling for viewings:

First impressions count! How’s your kerb appeal? Think about how your house presents itself on the outside as well as the inside. Maintain the garden/lawn, sweep the leaves, paint your front door a fresh neutral colour (especially if it is currently overly bright or the paint is flaky or worn: it’s a small investment and will make a huge difference).

Add some attractive touches, such as a unique door knocker or some healthy plants in pots. Keep it simple but stylish. And clean your windows/window sills – it demonstrates you have kept the house in good order before they even step in.

The most important thing you can do inside is clean and tidy up. There is nothing more off putting than clutter or obvious dirt: toast crumbs not cleaned up from breakfast, toothpaste in the bathroom sink etc. Buyers can see past dated furniture or decor that’s not to their taste, but a lack of cleanliness is an indicator that you might not have looked after more structural aspects either.

A warm welcome

When viewers walk through the door, the first thing you want to provide is a warm welcome, so try and ensure it’s an appropriate temperature for the season. A common tip is to bake bread or cakes or percolate fresh coffee but using a ‘subtle’ smelling diffuser is equally welcoming.

Keep surfaces clear, apart from a few stylish accessories where you can or a vase of flowers on the dining table (avoid cheap flowers like carnations though: iin my opinion they are a bit petrol station drive-through! If you have available budget, buy a few items that will help present your home well. Think about what’s on trend currently and add accessories to boost the visual appeal, eg; cushions and throws on beds and sofas, attractive lamps, statement artworks to create a focal point in reception rooms and rugs in reception rooms or bedrooms to add a layer of luxury.

Great highstreet shops for low cost high trend accessories include H&M Home, Habitat, Home Sense and M&S. Even better, shop local at an independent interiors shop. Try the Reigate Pop Up in Church Street.

If in doubt, keep things simple, in terms of both style and layout. If you present a neutral palette and keep your home free of clutter they are more likely to be able to envisage adding their own furniture and personal touches. 

For further tips and tricks to styling your home for the property market I’m always happy to help.


Local estate agents EweMove have a unique approach to helping you sell your home. They can also give you all the best property market tips and ensure you have a smooth journey to your new home! Contact Spencer Georgiou on 07490 495 771.

Deborah Smith is the founder and design director of Menagerie Interiors. Enquiries to and follow her on Instagram.

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