Tandridge Photographic Society celebrates its diamond anniversary

By Chris Fenton, Tandridge Photographic Society

With excellent phone cameras to record our special memories, we are all photographers now. Over five billion photographs are taken worldwide each day and each is special to the photographer as a treasured record of happy holidays, events and people.

The bigger challenge is to take photographs that mean something to others – to tell a story, generate an emotion, ask a question or capture light and colour in a way that draws the viewer in.

Tandridge Photographic Society has been helping our members create images with impact for 60 years. Formed in 1963 in Caterham as Caterham Community Camera Club, it became Tandridge Photographic Society (TPS) in 1999. After about 50 years in Caterham, the meetings moved to Godstone, and more recently to Oxted, with approximately 70 members.

Much has changed in photography since 1963: film has given way to digital and the darkroom has moved to Lightroom, Photoshop and other image editing/manipulation software. Camera technology has moved on apace and mobile phones, not even dreamt of back then, now have sophisticated cameras attached and nearly everyone carries one.

Our aim is to help all our members enjoy and improve their photographic skills, whether beginner, enthusiast or expert. TPS holds talks and friendly competitions, and organises visits to help members improve and enjoy their photography. Whether wildlife or portrait, landscape or street, abstract or still life, there is something for everyone. You can see some of our members’ images and find out more at tandridgeps.org.uk or contact us at chair@vtps.org.uk.

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