Help with financial hardship

On Monday, 18 September, from 10:00, residents on low incomes can apply to the council for a grant through the Tandridge Household Support Fund to help with the huge rise in the cost of living.

The fund aims to support households most in need, anyone who is vulnerable or cannot pay for essentials. You do not have to be getting benefits to get a grant. If you get benefits, they will not be affected if you get a payment from the fund. You can apply even if you have received a household support fund grant before.

If you have any friends, family or neighbours in the district who may be struggling financially, please let them know about these grants.

Who can apply? 

Applicants must: 

  • Be over the age of 16
  • Live in the Tandridge district
  • Be struggling to meet the cost of essential items like food or energy or water bills for themselves or their dependents. You will need to submit evidence online such as bank statements or arrears letters

How to apply

You can apply online from Monday, 18 September at 10:00.

Support is available for anyone who wants help completing the form: the contact number for assistance is 01883 722000. Applications can be made by the applicant, their representative or a third party acting on their behalf. In addition, the council is using community groups to support residents who cannot otherwise access the online form.

How much are the grants?

Eligible households with children will receive £350, and households without children will receive £150.

How big is the Tandridge Household Support Fund?

The money is limited, so it’s best to apply quickly. The fund will close when all the money has been allocated.

Tandridge Council has a total of £316,000 to distribute by 31 March 2024. We’ve decided to do it in two phases, so if you miss out this time round because the money has run out by the time you apply, there will be another chance in the second phase. This starts on Monday, 11 December at 10:00.

If you are eligible, ideally payments will be by BACS transfer to a bank account 10 working days after the date your application is approved, but it may be longer if checks are required.

If you have any comments/questions, please get in touch at:

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