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This weekend, I visited my allotment. After I had watered my vegetables, I took a break and sat for a while, just contemplating life! It’s a beautiful, quiet spot and it provides the perfect environment to be still and mindful.

I also have several areas for contemplation in my home, where I can sit and look out the window, relax with a magazine and ponder the week ahead.

In a time of constant change and worrying developments, it is so important to have a space where we can relax and unwind, and become inspired or positively energised. When I design interiors for my clients, the most important part for me is that the end result resonates with them, and I achieve a unique look where they feel happy to be in their home enviroment. I like to call this authentic styling.

When you are considering renovating or redecorating, ensure you answer some key questions. How do you want to feel in that space: energised or calm? What sort of environment do you want to create: sophisticated or casual? When putting together your visual moodboard, collect pictures that reflect the feeling you want to achieve, as well as the colours and patterns you’re drawn to.

So what inspires you? The aim of the design game is to surround yourself with things you love.

I’ve shared lots of thoughts on natural materials and neutral palettes, but maybe you’re drawn to vibrant colour and bold patterns? Injecting colour to your home can really help your energy levels. Check out Lusthome.com for very bold, on trend wallcoverings. Or charlottegaisford.com for bright colourful fabrics and wallpapers with a slightly more dainty design approach.

And don’t forget to add art to your moodboard! Artwork is an essential element that brings your creative scheme together, while also providing a source of inspiration. Ever lost track of time staring at a piece of artwork?! Gallery walls are also a great way to bring your personality into a home. If you are curating your own and want to achieve the eclectic look, do have fun mixing traditional and contemporary, detailed and simple, but try to keep a common thread for the gallery to really work. For example, use the same colour/material frames, or pictures that have similar colours or subject matter.

Here are some of my current favourite art sources and artists:

  • Modern, black and white photography: Adamclutterbuckphotography.com
  • Affordable original art: @atelierbleuart
  • Contemporary art: Trowbridgegallery.com
  • Flora and fauna: sallyoasispaintings.co.uk

If you’re passionate about art, head to London for the Affordable Art Fair in Battersea (there is usually an event every spring and autumn) for some amazing affordable artwork from new and emerging artists. Happy shopping!


And if you’d like a splash of contemporary colour that really brings some positive energy to your home, explore our local artist Emily Canino’s website.

Deborah Smith is the founder and design director of Menagerie Interiors. Send your enquiries to deborah@menagerieinteriors.co.uk, and find her on Instagram.

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