Editor's View: My week with the Lexus UX F Sport Design

Courtesy of Lexus Croydon, I recently spent a few days with the UX F Sport Design in Blazing Carnelian, an eye-catching colour that Lexus introduced in 2021.

With limited knowledge of cars, I wasn't sure what to expect, which I suspect made me the perfect candidate for trialling one of their newest vehicles.

I am currently looking for a new car and, as I haven't quite decided between hybrid or fully electric, the F Sport Design was the perfect opportunity for me to test out a sporty hybrid model.    

Obviously I checked out the important things first: the touch screen is clear and easy to navigate, allowing me to adjust the interior climate and get my favourite radio station pumping out through the speakers (it’s also the control for opening and closing the windows). Using the F Sport’s voice control system was also easy, and I indulged my long-held Knight Rider fantasies, although it was less Michael Knight and Kitt outwitting bad guys, and more me navigating the school run. Nevertheless, being able to use verbal commands is key for me as I’m negotiating Tandridge’s country lanes, and the Lexus responded well to every one. 

The Tahara heated leather seats provide eco-friendly comfort, especially on cold mornings, and the mirrors which automatically fold in on locking are handy, but my favourite feature by far was the Lexus Link App, which I downloaded to my iPhone. All the car’s important information was then in the palm of my hand: service history and reminders, a journey planner, driving analytics and more. Being able to communicate with the F Sport even when I wasn’t in it allowed me to be more organised than I normally would be, and having the ability to select the heating mode while I was still sitting on my sofa with a coffee meant that the car was already toasty warm when I got in each morning.

Alongside the knowledge that I was producing less C02 emissions, I also found that driving the F Sport hybrid was a calm and pleasant experience. The smooth engine start, and seamless acceleration process made it a pleasure to get behind the wheel, and the vehicle’s colour definitely made sure I was noticed when out and about. I certainly wasn't ready to return it to the showroom at the end of the week.

I’d like to thank the team at Lexus Croydon for giving me the opportunity to drive the F Sport. It will definitely remain on my list of possibilities for my next car.


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