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Rajan Amin had been working in the worktop industry for 15 years when he decided it was time to launch his own kitchen retail company, initially launching online in December 2020. He was clear on Puzzle Kitchen’s ethos from the beginning:

“Sustainability. My main focus was to ensure that Puzzle Kitchens was as sustainable as possible. It was my biggest deciding factor when I chose a manufacturer to work with.”

That manufacturer is Häcker: a German company who has been in business for 124 years and is currently the only furniture maker in the world who is carbon neutral. 

“Collaborating with Häcker means that not only are we lowering our carbon footprint as a business, but we are then able to pass that onto our clients, too. We can demonstrate there are products out there that are made in a more sustainable way, and you don’t have to pay hugely expensive prices for them.”

 And it’s not just Häcker: the other companies that Puzzle Kitchens works with, that provide flooring, lighting and appliances, are also chosen for their                   eco-credentials.

In September 2021 Rajan opened his showroom in Coulsdon, giving customers the chance to see, touch and interact with the range of products he offers. However, what really raises Puzzle Kitchens above the competition is its use of innovative virtual reality to bring its customers’ kitchen plans to life. While he is not the first retailer to use VR, Rajan’s vision took its use one step further, to stunning effect. 

Instead of feeling as if you are playing a gimmicky video game, his technology uses advanced tools to create each bespoke environment with high resolution, photorealistic 4k renders. This ensures that the colours and textures you are immersed in are indistinguishable from the finished product.

“You feel as if you are actually standing in the room: it allows you to really understand what the space will both look and feel like once everything is in place. It’s as close as you can get to being in your dream kitchen before that kitchen actually exists!”

 Rajan’s hard work was rewarded in July this year when his business won New Kitchen Retailer of the Year at the prestigious BKU industry awards. The accolade acknowledges not only the company’s dedication to providing high quality, sustainable kitchens, but also how it connects with and educates its customers. 

Puzzle Kitchens is located at 33 Chipstead Valley Road, Coulsdon. Visit for more information and to book your showroom consultation, or call 020 3441 1448.


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