Surrey seeks a sustainable Christmas

If you prefer a real Christmas tree to a fake one, then this year Surrey County Council (SCC) is asking you to consider donating £3 to Surrey Wildlife Trust, in order that a new tree can be planted in its place.

SCC is working alongside Surrey Wildlife Trust (SWT) and the fundraising appeal is supporting the latter’s campaign to plant 1.2 million new trees in the county by 2030. SWT’s director of engagement, Aimee Clarke says that helping nature makes life better for everyone:

“With the natural world under unprecedented pressure, we all have a good reason to do our bit for our local environment this Christmas. Planting trees and hedgerows is a real investment in a better future.”

As well as visually enhancing the environment, trees also absorb carbon dioxide, reduce pollution and provide vital habitats for wildlife. The council recently gave away 1,000 free trees during the recent National Tree Week.

Continuing the theme of a sustainable Christmas, Surrey residents are also being encouraged to buy potted trees to decorate in their homes, as these can then be replanted at the end of the festive season.

All planting will be carried out, Surrey Wildlife Trust say, in accordance with their policy on ‘the right tree in the right place.’

You can donate by visiting

Tree with ornament

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