The end of a successful year at First Ball Academy

As we draw closer to the end of the year, I would like to place on record, on behalf of the players and parents, the immense gratitude I have for all the coaches at First Ball Academy. Trevor, Kevin, KC and Jack have worked diligently to ensure all players receive top-quality coaching throughout the first half of the winter season.   

Cricket does not end in September, it just transitions from outdoors to indoors.  Studies have shown continuous cricket learning throughout the year helps maintain an interest in the sport and enhances a deeper skill set of both knowledge and execution. The Sunday morning training sessions in Caterham School’s sports hall have been a resounding success, with many of the players eager to continue in January 2023.

And heads up! In early 2023, First Ball Academy will launch FBA Elite, a program designed for the more advanced cricketer, covering Caterham and Croydon. All the details will be on our website in January:

First Ball Academy



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