Use up all your old stamps by January

The Royal Mail is warning people to use up their old 1st and 2nd class regular stamps by 23 January 2023. From the 24 January onwards their new barcoded stamps must be used: those without a barcode will no longer be valid. Special stamps with pictures, and Christmas stamps will still be valid without barcodes.

Up to £200’s worth of unused non-barcoded stamps can be exchanged for the new ones, using the Royal Mail’s Stamp Swap Out form. This has recently been posted out to UK households, and can also be downloaded from If you need to swap stamps of a greater value than £200, you should use the Bulk Stamp Swap Out form, also available from the website.

The new, barcoded stamps will allow you to connect to the Royal Mail app.

Use your old stamps by January

(Above:Use your non-barcoded stamps by 23 January 2023)

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