A greener, more colourful future in Whyteleafe

Whyteleafe Village Council planted a whitebeam tree in the Community Garden, opposite Whyteleafe School, as part of the Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June. And to honour the unwavering dedication to public service of Queen Elizabeth II, the garden has been renamed The Jubilee Garden.

In September, we extended our tree planting to establish a Jubilee orchard, at Whyteleafe Recreation Ground, comprising of seven trees, in recognition of each decade of Queen Elizabeth’s reign.

We hope that the orchard will enhance our wonderful park by adding beautiful blossom in spring and producing native fruits to pick in late summer.

Both native heritage and modern cultivars have been selected:

  • Apple James Grieve – a delicious old English heritage variety
  • Two Conference pear trees – delicious old pear variety
  • Apple Cox’s Orange Pippin – the most popular of all English apples
  • Victoria Plum – an abundantly cropping sweet dessert plum
  • Apple Scrumptious – the most delicious new English apple variety
  • Old Mulberry variety

The trees should start fruiting abundantly in a couple of years and serve the community over the next fifty years or more – a fitting tribute we hope.

In addition, we are currently assembling a Whyteleafe Garden Group, to meet up for chats, share knowledge, seeds, plants, tales, and to participate in a few exciting local projects to make our village even more beautiful. Whatever your age, or ability, if you are interested in gardening, garden design or an artist, drop me an email, at the address below, for more details.

Dr. Marcus Jones

Chairman, Whyteleafe Village Council




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