Editor's View: Wildfit Surrey

Following on from our article last month, owner and founder of Wildfit Surrey Ollie Martin invited Rosalind and I to try out his outdoor fitness and obstacle course in Bletchingley. Wildfit is set within a 10-acre farmland site surrounded by open fields,and features more than 30 obstacles along a 500m trail.

Not being at my fittest right now, it is fair to say it took me a little while to get used to exercising again – it was quite different to my usual ‘coffee and cake’ interviews! – but once Ollie had guided us through some warm-up activities I was eager to get going.

What I loved about Wildfit was the unique way in which Ollie employs items which are not conventionally used in a gym environment. Various sized stones are lifted as weights, and ropes, wood and tyres all form part of the circuit. It’s a great way to eliminate any boredom creeping into your training.

We began our workout by throwing balls at each other. Now, you may think that this sounds simple enough, but it’s actually pretty testing when you’re balancing on one leg and the ball weighs 4kg! Climbing trees, walking along planks and clambering under nets were all challenging parts of the course. I was pleased with my attempt at swinging across the stream, but have to admit that the highlight of the morning, and the best way to end our open air workout, was the zip wire, which raced alongside the trees and farmland.

Rosalind was by far the more adventurous of the two of us, but I loved trying out so many different ways to exercise. Being out in the autumnal fresh air was rewarding and fun: much preferable to being stuck indoors. Having the option of a different workout experience each time I train makes it something I would love to return to at some point soon. 

While I was there, I discovered that some people have completed the circuit in just seven minutes. I can assure you it took us a lot longer, however Ollie made the experience really enjoyable, which is fundamental. I hope he will be up for taking us round the course again soon – and I may even time myself!





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