Review: Rapunzel at the Festival Theatre

Having previously attended the Festival Theatre at the historic and beautiful Hever Castle, I was eagerly awaiting the line-up for this summer. It did not disappoint. As it is one of our favourite family day trips, I decided to watch Rapunzel with the best critic of all: my four-year-old daughter!

On arrival, we were both impressed by the stage that had been set up in the grounds. It has been arranged so that you can see the performance clearly no matter where you sit. 

With plenty of staff in attendance, we settled down on our cushions to experience an immersive performance of the traditional tale Rapunzel, by the Immersion Theatre. Lots of laughter and fun filled the grounds and, during the interval, we of course sampled some of the ice creams and drinks available nearby. There was a wonderful and welcoming buzz in the air; children playing on the grass together; adults socialising while reflecting on the views – it felt like we were miles away. 

Rapunzel was full of classic puns, one-liners, songs and dancing. It would be more appropriate for older children, from about eight upwards, but the water guns were a big hit with everyone.

After enjoying the second half, we were able to further explore the castle grounds and sample more of the food from the pop-up stalls. We are both excited for next year’s festival! 

Rapunzel at Festival Theatre

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