Review: Awful Auntie at the Festival Theatre at Hever Castle

By Annabel, 8.

On 29 July 2022 I went to watch the play Awful Auntie with my family at Hever Castle.

I really enjoyed that the show was outside. It was a sunny day and we sat on blankets under the shade of some trees. The audience sat all around the stage, which looked like a small playground, with slides and bars to hang from. I liked that it was in the middle of the audience with the actors moving all around it.

There were only five actors in the whole play and they acted many different parts. They started as children in an orphanage who then acted out the story of Stella Saxby and her awful aunty.

My favourite character was the owl Vegner because although he mostly 'hooted' it was very clear what he meant. I also really liked the butler Gibbon because he was so confused. He got all of his words mixed up, which was very funny!

The audience seemed to enjoy themselves. I saw smiles on lots of children’s faces. The cast also seemed to be enjoying themselves. They got all the audience involved: whenever they said certain words we called out or made certain movements. One boy went on stage and pretended to be a dog!

I had a great day and would recommend the show to families with young children. (The only thing I would improve is the music at the start, end and during the interval. It was quite strange!)

Annabel with the cast of Awful Auntie

(Above: Annabel with the cast of Awful Auntie)

The cast of Awful Auntie

(Above: the cast of Awful Auntie)

Annabel at Hever Castle

(Above: Annabel at Hever Castle)

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