TDC objects to ULEZ expansion proposals

Tandridge District Council (TDC) has ‘strongly objected’ to London mayor Sadiq Khan’s proposal to expand the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) throughout most of Greater London from August 2023, which would impact many Tandridge residents. Consultations on the plan, organised by Transport for London (TFL) at Khan’s request, have now closed.

Set to cover the same area as the Low Emission Zone, the plans to cut pollution and congestion across London will cost drivers of vehicles which do not comply with minimum emission standards £12.50 a day to drive within the ULEZ. While most petrol cars registered from 2005 onwards, and diesels registered after September 2015, will be exempt from the fee, many with older, non-compliant cars will be charged if they venture into the new zone.

TDC cited a number of reasons for their objection to the expansion. These included the cost of living crisis already affecting both local people and businesses, the amount of Tandridge residents who need to access work, schools, health services and other facilities in the proposed ULEZ area, the lack of reliable public transport in the District, and the prospect of high emission vehicles detouring into Tandridge to avoid ULEZ charges, among other things.

Khan has called for the government to help fund scrappage schemes for old cars, but TDC noted that this would only apply to people living in London and would mean that ‘Tandridge District taxpayers would subsidise new cars for Londoners whilst getting no support themselves.’

TFL are aiming to publish their consultation report, plus their next steps, later this year.

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