Levelling Up funding bid submitted for Caterham

After working closely with Surrey County Council and the Caterham Business Improvement District, and receiving ‘vital support’ from the community and local businesses, Tandridge District Council has submitted a bid to the government’s Levelling Up Fund for £8.7m. If approved, the money will be used to regenerate areas of Caterham on the Hill and Caterham Valley.

The funding would be earmarked for a variety of projects, including:

  • Tackling the ongoing flooding problem
  • Improvements to Croydon Road, Station Avenue, Godstone Road and Caterham on the Hill high street: renewed paving, better access for pedestrians and cyclists, and bigger shared open spaces
  • Charging points for electric vehicles, more greenery and the introduction of rain gardens
  • A shop front grant scheme to encourage retailers and restaurants to upgrade their shop fronts
  • Improved signage and information for cultural areas and green spaces
  • Improved safety for Waller Lane

The additional funding would continue the work that has already started in the town centre, such as the refurbishment of Quadrant House. It is hoped that these projects will ‘encourage more people to the area, boost the local economy and make Caterham more competitive and attractive for future business investment and a place more people will want to visit, work and live in.”

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Levelling Up Fund

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