Centenary celebrations at Glebe House

Here at Glebe House, in Chaldon, we have just celebrated a 100th birthday. Our lovely resident Sarah had a really special day with cake, presents, relatives visiting, and a letter from the Queen!

Sarah with picture of the Queen

Sarah's letter from the Queen

Sarah has been at Glebe House for over a year and has lived a wonderful life. She started singing when she was around 11 years old: her dad played the accordion and her uncle was a drummer, and Sarah got her passion for singing from being with them. She became a professional singer in her teens, singing a combination of the pop music of the time (swing and dance bands), traditional Scottish songs and some light opera.

Starting off performing in the Glasgow area, during the war years Sarah moved to London and joined the Joe Loss Orchestra.

Towards the end of the war, her singing took her to France and Holland to entertain the troops. She met Glenn Miller around that time and has also talked about dating a young airman called John Glenn, who later became the first American in space.

Sarah still sings her heart out around Glebe House, and the staff and residents love listening to the songs coming from the lounge or her bedroom. We are really lucky to have Sarah at our home and we cherished celebrating her 100th birthday with her.

Sarah's party

Sarah with balloons

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