Winner of children's writing competition 2022 unveiled!

We are delighted to announce the winner of our writing competition: it’s Annabel, from Oakhyrst Grange School in Caterham!

We asked primary school children to invent a David Walliams-style character and it was Annabel’s Dr Whoops E. Daisy, with its vivid description and humour, which appealed to us.

Year 4 teacher Mrs Leyshon has been a keen supporter of our previous writing competitions, and invited us to visit the school to surprise the winner. Annabel, 8, was excited to learn she had won, and was congratulated by her classmates, and headmaster Mr Gear.

Annabel received a winner’s certificate, plus tickets for her and her family to watch the Awful Auntie stage show, courtesy of the Festival Theatre at Hever Castle, with the opportunity to go backstage and meet the cast. Annabel’s review of the show will appear in September’s paper.

Dr Whoops E. Daisy

By Annabel, 8, Oakhyrst Grange School

Dr Whoops E. Daisy was the clumsiest woman in the whole world. She even won the Guiness World Record for the clumsiest doctor when she broke more bones than she fixed in one day. She had red hair like bed springs, and it was uneven because when she was cutting her hair, she cut one side and then forgot to do the other side.

She wore over-sized glasses, held together with plasters, because she always dropped them. Her ‘what used to be white’ lab coat was covered in sauce from her bacon bap. Her jeans looked like a toddler got out some paint and smeared it all over them. And whenever she walked past anyone, they would crinkle their nose.

Once, when doing brain surgery, she dropped her BLT sandwich into the patient’s head and, that day, the patient sneezed and lettuce came out of his nose!

Winner Annabel


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