Let's all be nice. Let's all spread kindness

There is so much negativity in our world at the moment. The news is depressing and sometimes everything just seems to be falling down around our feet. For some of us it’s easy to just ‘get on with it', and ignore what’s happening around us. Others get bogged down with doom and gloom, and feel full of sadness, with no hope.

At times like this, we should all be sticking together: supporting, encouraging and helping each other. 

Be nice to each other. Be kind

Being nice works both ways. Showing someone you care is good for the receiver and rewarding for the giver.

I have decided that during the month of June I will deliver a moment of kindness to a friend, relative or a total stranger every day. Doing this will also make me feel good, I’m sure. Why don’t you try it as well? (Actually, why stop at the end of June? How about adopting this habit permanently?)

Actions I will take

1. When I believe in someone, I will tell them directly.   
2. I will consider what I say before I speak: I’ll choose my words carefully, putting kindness above everything else.
3. I’lll appreciate any kindness shown to me, and use that to spread it to others.
4. I will be mindful of how I treat others, especially those closest to me. It’s easy to say things to our nearest and dearest without always considering their impact. Could I be nicer? Am I encouraging kindness?
5. I’ll make the effort to talk to someone who may be lonely (a homeless person, for example). Just having a conversation with someone can lift their spirits.
6. I’ll lead by example, and encourage others to be kind as well (as I’m doing here).
7. I will pay attention to how spreading kindness makes me feel, and I will relish it, enjoy it, and keep doing it.
8. I will try to talk positively every day. I’ll leave negativity out of my conversations.

I am curious to know if you will deliver kindness every day. Let me know what you do: blueturtlebs@yahoo.com. How does it make you feel? I will publish some of the responses in next month’s article. 

Good luck and keep being nice!


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Steve Messenbird

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