Local singing trio in chaotic Britain's Got Talent audition

When one-third of singing group The Dots walked out just before their first audition on Britain’s Got Talent, citing ‘creative differences’, remaining members Amanda and Rosie must have been relieved when they found somebody to step in at the last minute.

The Dots

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Unfortunately, replacement Kathy brought more chaos than competence to the occasion, losing her wig, and accidentally ripping Amanda’s skirt off and smacking her in the face with a bugle, after bungling the dance moves.

Rather than the planned polished performance of Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy, the BGT audience’s abiding memory was of Amanda being dragged unceremoniously off stage by presenters Ant and Dec, following her slumping to the floor at the end of their act.

Amanda from The Dots being dragged off stage

(Photo: Amanda collapses at the end of the audition, before being dragged off stage by Ant and Dec)

Big in the Netherlands

Their audition has now been watched over 1.9m times on YouTube, and despite the fiasco, the group somehow made it through to the next stage of the show. They have amassed a large fan base, particularly in the Netherlands, something which has inspired Rosie to rebrand herself:

“My name is now pronounced Rosé, like the wine. I felt that, as an international superstar, I needed something more glamorous.”

On the subject of names, Amanda explains that ‘the dots’ is an affectionate term musicians use for the notes on a music sheet:

“You would say in rehearsal, ‘can I get the dots?’: the name just stuck.”


The cameras didn’t show what must have been an awkward backstage moment between the women afterwards. Amanda reveals that she hasn’t spoken to Kathy since:

“I am still upset: it was a big opportunity for The Dots, and she spoiled it.”

Rosé continues:

“I think it was apparent that, although enthusiastic, Kathy couldn’t live up to our standards. Her performance almost ruined my image, however, which is unforgivable. Thankfully, the audience saw that I kept the whole thing together: without me, all anyone would have seen was Amanda with her busted nose and big pants, and Kathy prancing about in the wrong direction. I’ve actually been emailing Simon Cowell quite a lot to ask how I should develop my solo career.”

Amanda interrupts at this point, to remind her that Simon has not, as yet, replied.

“He’s not interested, Rosé.”

Does Kathy feel the criticism of her performance is harsh, given she had so little time to rehearse?

“I do, really. I thought everything went quite well, considering. I don’t really understand what went wrong, although obviously something did, as Amanda’s nose was bleeding.”

A global view

When reminded that many people the world over have now seen her underwear, Amanda prefers to look on the positive side:

“Look, the important thing here is that the judges saw through the mishaps and sent us through to the next round. We got a standing ovation,too. Yes, my nose got broken and everybody sawmy knickers, but that’s showbiz.”

Looking for a new Dot

A video, posted on Facebook shortly after their television appearance, sees Amanda and Rosé asking people to apply to be their new third Dot, which suggests Kathy will not be a further part of their BGT journey. Nonetheless, she remains upbeat:

“I’ve been doing some singing and dancing sessions, and my mum says I’ve really improved. I’ve sent lots of audition tapes to Amanda: she hasn’t got back to me yet but I’m going to stay around in case they need me. Could I be a Dot again if I change my name? Kathé?”

Amanda doesn’t think that would help:

“It’s not about your name, Kathy.”

A Tandridge connection

The Dots know Tandridge well: Kathy grew up in East Grinstead, and her mum lives in Dormansland; Rosé originally comes from Oxted. When she mentions that the group also rehearses in Lingfield, Kathy excitedly suggests that she could easily visit them there. Amanda quickly cuts her off:

“No Rosé, we don’t, remember? We rehearse in, er, London. Miles away. MILES.”

Amanda says they are starting to get recognised in the street: has the BGT team given them any tips on coping with fame? “Wear sunglasses,” she says.

While Kathy is no longer a Dot herself, she will still enthusiastically support them:

“I love the Dots. I’ve got all their merchandise, all their albums. I’ll be in the audience, cheering them on. I’m going to say hello to Ant and Dave again, as well.”

(Our interview with The Dots took place after their first audition on 7 May. At the time of printing, the outcome of their second audition was unknown. The live semi-finals take place between 30 May and 3 June, and the final is on Sunday, 5 June. The Tandridge Independent wishes The Dots every success.

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The Dots' audition


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