Review: Limpsfield Cookery School pop-up restaurant

I recently visited Limpsfield Cookery School's pop-up restaurant for dinner. They hold it every few months, giving people the opportunity to be served with food which has been specially prepared by one of their skilled chefs. 

We arrived promptly at 7pm (going anywhere with my grandma means we are always on time!), and caught sight of a large marquee, beautifully decorated and lit, in their sheltered courtyard. It was filled with chairs adorned with balloons and bows, and tables neatly set with lots of cutlery. My grandma explained to me when they would be needed, and how to use them all, and  I thought about how stressful it would have been if I had brought my 5-year-old brother, who would not have been able to sit still!

The menu

Once seated, we were offered drinks: my grandma had champagne, while I chose a delicious mocktail. We were then served bread and butter, followed by the entree, which was a divine crab and asparagus salad, flavoured with brown butter and mayonnaise. 

The main course was slow-cooked lamb shoulder, with shallot cream, relish and beans. There was, of course, a vegetarian option, too. While the courses were being served, I managed to have a sneak peek at what chef Oliver Thompson was up to in the kitchen, and got an insight into how he was preparing the food. I thought it was really cool how he could make so many meals all by himself!

Dessert was rhubarb and ginger trifle, and we then sat chatting and listening to the wonderful live music

An exciting dining experience

I would like to say thank you to owner Jacqui for such a wonderful evening, and for creating such a unique environment. It was such an exciting dining experience: I can definitely recommend it to everybody, and I would like to attend again.  

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(Rhubarb and ginger trifle)




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