Holidays are back!

Work, bills, traffic (even kids!)… It seems as though the stress of pre-pandemic life is back with force, arguably even more so with the cost of just about everything skyrocketing. Although Covid is still with us, sometimes it almost feels like a distant memory. Most of us are back to the grind, furlough forgotten, and working from home can often mean even longer hours than we did before. We're contactable 24-hours a day via email or phone or Zoom…when does it end?! 

Let the stress melt away

 You’ve probably felt it yourself: that need for a break, for some sun, sea and sand. Who can forget the sensation of stepping off a plane and feeling the heat – and the stress – just melt away? You're not alone: reports show demand is already up to pre-pandemic levels, something which most experts thought would take several years.

 Admittedly, travel hasn’t been easy in the last few months. But as restrictions are easing the world over, testing requirements being dropped and borders opening, is now the best time to start planning again? 

Anxiety-free air travel

Some are still anxious about being on a plane – and understandably so. With technology nowadays though, there’s no need to be. The HEPA filters on modern aircraft remove 99.97% of bacteria and viruses from the air, and the air itself is completely changed every two to three minutes. It’s the same technology used to filter air in operating theatres, and is several times cleaner than your average shop or restaurant

Time is our most precious resource: we never get it back. It's time to treat yourself and your family. Time to reconnect with your loved ones, time to de-stress and relax but, most importantly, it’s time to give yourself a bit more time. 

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