Whyteleafe residents raise road safety concerns

Residents of a housing development in Whyteleafe have expressed their concerns to the Tandridge Independent over cars illegally turning right onto Godstone Road.

On leaving the Well Farm Heights estate, two road signs stipulate that right turns are not permissible. Drivers should turn left and use Wapses Lodge roundabout to get to the other side of Godstone Road.

Well Farm Heights

The paper went to investigate and saw two drivers turn right within the space of ten minutes. According to the government's website, those who breach the rules, and do not follow road signs such as 'don’t turn right', could incur a penalty charge notice (PCN).

Well Farm Heights signs​

Surrey ranks worst

Insurance company GoShorty recently published figures which showed Surrey to rank as the worst for drivers ignoring road signs, almost twice the amount of any other county.

Surrey County Council’s highways department told us that because there is signposting outside the estate, it is a police matter.

Surrey Police said in a statement: “We have not received any recent reports of dangerous or careless driving around Well Farm Heights in Whyteleafe. However, our roads policing units are out 24 hours a day, 365 days a year policing the roads of Surrey, and will issue penalties for driving offences such as points on a license, fines, disqualification and prison time, where they are able.”

Are you a West Farm Heights resident, or live nearby? Are you concerned about drivers turning illegallyContact us on newsdesk@tandridgeindependent.com.

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