Positive changes at Church Road

Whyteleafe Football Ground – An Asset of Community Value

AFC Whyteleafe

By Dr Marcus Jones


Whyteleafe Village Council

The village council supported the many residents who were upset by the withdrawal of Whyteleafe Football Club’s Men’s Team from the Football League back in 2021. In addition to the potential loss of a local club, many residents also feared the site would be subject to a change of use, such as development into flats.

At its meeting last June, councillors looked at ways to add to the ground’s ‘Local Green Space’ status secured by virtue of the Caterham, Chaldon and Whyteleafe Neighbourhood Plan. This status is similar to the safeguards provided by green belt designation.

As a result, the council agreed to nominate the site as an Asset of Community Value (ACV). The listing of a property as an ACV would mean that the village council must be notified if the owner decided to sell, and this would give the council an opportunity to determine whether to try to purchase the asset in the social and wellbeing interests of the community.

We are delighted that the ground has been listed as an ACV by Tandridge District Council for a minimum of five years. Furthermore, the newly created AFC Whyteleafe Men’s team, managed by Kelly Waters, are performing well in their league. All the teams and activities at the Football Ground are doing well and we salute everyone involved for their commitment and success in adversity.

It's certainly a big win for our community.


Welcome to the Commoners

Church Road will also become home to a second club in August, when it welcomes Isthmian League South Central Division team Sutton Common Rovers FC. The Commoners are currently based at Gander Green Lane, home to Sutton United, but began looking for a new ground once the latter team were promoted to League Two.

Kelly Waters, chairman and first team manager of AFC Whyteleafe said:

"The groundshare with Sutton Common Rovers is welcomed by AFC Whyteleafe and already we are discussing other ways to collaborate for the mutual benefit of both clubs."

The two teams will play their home games on alternate Saturdays.  


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