Whyteleafe Resilience and Emergency Response needs you

Last October, heavy rain fell at the same time as the heaviest autumn leaf fall blocked many highways gullies. It caused localised flooding, and much distress to some residents in Whyteleafe.

We could not do much about the rain, but could more have been done about the road sweeping by Tandridge District Council or clearing of gullies by Surrey County Council?

Whyteleafe Village Councillors are currently exploring potentially hazardous events such as flood, snow, winds, power failure, etc and formulating plans to prevent, control and mitigate the effects of these hazards.

It would greatly improve the safety of our residents and businesses if we could mobilise a group of local volunteers to support emergency responses. In addition to being good neighbours, and keeping an eye out for the vulnerable, we need the following help:

  • “Snow Angels” to help clear snow and to grit pavements in key areas of Whyteleafe.
  • 4 x 4 drivers to help with transportation of people and supplies in an emergency.
  • Wardens to regularly check for blocked gullies and drains.
  • Local electricians, plumbers, gas safe engineers to minimise risks to residents.
  • Retired doctors nurses and medical staff for first aid and local medical support.
  • Catering help in emergency shelters.
  • Emergency response co-ordinators.

If you would like to join a friendly group of Whyteleafe volunteers and make a difference, please contact me to discuss your area of interest.

Whyteleafe Village Council – building a community by helping each other.

Dr. Marcus Jones




Whyteleafe Village Council



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