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Many parents are concerned their child has suffered academically because of the lost time in their education during the school closures. We are always asked about this, so we thought we would share a few things we know that could help.

Children are always learning!

It is actually impossible to stop children learning. They are always exploring, playing, thinking, talking, listening and engaging with the world.

Schools are working really hard to enrich their learning experiences and to build skills and knowledge, as we gradually fill in the gaps of the things they missed when they were not in school every day.

Children can learn to meet the challenges that life throws at them

The last few years will have taught our children many lessons on dealing with life’s challenges, as they saw how their family, and the wider world, did everything they could to keep going during a very testing time. This is something that we all have to do during our lives and, hopefully, this young generation will have begun to develop skills that will help them cope in times of future adversity.

Building resilience

During our decades of teaching, we have realised that one of the greatest things we can show children is how to become resilient learners. This will help each and every child progress, as they strive to increase their skills.

Teaching a child to be a resilient learner is hugely motivating for them:

  • They learn to understand that if they cannot do something it doesn't mean they will never be able to achieve it, it means that they just 'can’t do it yet'.
  • They learn that effort and hard work are within their control and if they keep trying then they will conquer their challenges.

One of the most powerful things that building resilience does is to help them to stop focusing on whether some children are better at something than they are. They take control of their own learning. They then begin to see the progress they make with effort, and this makes them want to keep going!

Some tips to help your child become a resilient learner:

  • Praise their effort rather than achievement: effort is something they can have control over.
  • When they say they can’t do something, remind them they just 'can’t do it yet': learning takes time and perseverance.
  • When they are struggling with something, talk to them about how this struggle means they are learning: there is no point in only practising things they can already do!
  • Help your child to understand that mistakes are part of learning.
  • Talk with your child about the things you struggled to learn.
  • Look at role models together: most people who have achieved something have had to struggle and keep going.
  • Praise your child when you see them being resilient and struggling to conquer things: help them to understand that this is when they are really learning!

See you next month!

Sue and Maryanne.

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