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Sue and Maryanne from Tutor Your Child

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We are delighted to introduce our first column in the Caterham Independent. We are both teachers and have been colleagues and friends for many years.

Learning how to teach your child

The pandemic showed us how many parents need guidance and support to be able to help their child learn, especially as they faced the enormous challenge of teaching them at home.

As teachers, we have always been dedicated to nurturing children’s self-esteem and wellbeing, alongside educating them. We help them to believe in themselves, to understand they are an individual and that they have strengths and challenges, as we all do. Helping a child to learn and to overcome things they find hard is a privilege. Teaching them to develop the resilience to keep going when things get difficult, and then to feel that joy and sense of achievement when they have grasped something new, is an amazing part of our work.

We recognise that parents want to be able to support their children and this is particularly pertinent now, as they need a wealth of enrichment to make up for the time they have lost to Covid. Our website provides weekly videos and activities, taking you through the curriculum and giving you everything you need to guide your child through their learning. No prior knowledge on your part is needed!

Parent v teacher

We are very aware that teaching your own child can sometimes be a challenge, as the role of a parent is so different to that of a teacher. We have laughed with our own families about times when we have tried to get involved with our own children’s homework and it has not gone well!

Positive learning

We can show you simple techniques you will be able to use to create a nurturing and positive learning experience for your child. Armed with this information, you will feel confident about the task in hand, and equipped to get them through any tricky areas.

Praise effort

One of the best things you can do is to praise the effort your child makes, rather than when they get things right. It is very motivating for a child to learn that mistakes are just part of learning: we can keep going and keep trying and then we will understand and achieve.

Sharing ideas

We will be sharing more strategies and ideas through this column, which we hope will help support parents to raise resilient, confident children who want to aspire.

During school closures we spent time talking to parents and explaining modern teaching methods, so they had the confidence and knowledge to help their child. Gradually the idea of Tutor Your Child began to grow. We use our knowledge of how to help children learn, alongside nurturing their wellbeing and aspirations. Our website focuses on the whole of a child’s development. The resources we have compiled will encourage parents to help their child flourish.

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