Local musician bringing live music back to Caterham

To watch local musician Chris Moloney entertaining a crowd, you would think he had years of experience in the industry. In fact, he actually began his working life in accountancy, and has only been performing in front of audiences since June 2021.

22-year-old Chris had been playing guitar as a hobby for 10 years, and it was then he decided to try and turn his talent into a career.

He is keen to credit Majid from Cafe Bambino, and Andy from Casa Lola, who gave him his first breaks by letting him play at private parties in both venues.

Chris,who was born and raised in Caterham,found it hard to overcome his nerves during the first few live performances:

“I ended up having to sit down with my guitar, to stop my legs from shaking so much!”

Shared experiences

However, the opportunities that Majid and Andy gave him allowed Chris to quickly gain confidence, which led to regular gigs in other local settings, including the William Garland and the King and Queen pubs, and Mediterranean restaurant La Fiaba – this time standing up!

Despite his initial anxieties, performing in front of fans and creating a sense of shared experience is something which Chris now thrives on. His friendly, inclusive style means venues which book him for an evening’s entertainment are always a sell out.

Chris also performed at the Caterham Independent’s 2-year anniversary celebrations in November, and his ability to adapt to different environments is impressive. He has a vast playlist, spanning a variety of genres, and including songs he has written himself, meaning he is able to cater for a wide range of ages and preferences.

A month of music

February is a busy month for Chris, with planned appearances at Cafe Bambino,the William Garland and La Fiaba, as well as the Red Lion in Bletchingley and Caterham Club on Croydon Road. His long-term vision is to fill Caterham’s pubs and bars with live music: something which many local people will definitely be happy to hear.

For information on Chris’s future gigs, or to book him for an event, follow his Facebook page, Chris Moloney music.

Musician Chris Moloney, with Majid from Cafe Bambino, Caterham

Chris with Majid from Cafe Bambino


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