Ridge Radio – Presenter of the Month: Sky-Brooke

Ridge Radio is Tandridge's local community radio station. Broadcasting from its studio in Soper Hall, Caterham, it is staffed by 48 volunteer presenters. To listen, download the free mobile app, ask any Alexa-enabled device to install and then enable Ridge Radio, or visit www.ridgeradio.co.uk and click 'Listen Live'.

This month, our Presenter in the Spotlight is Sky-Brooke, who is 14 and started on the station when she was 10 years old. She presents 'The Saturday show with Sky' from 16:00 to 17:00.

Sky-Brooke - presenter on Ridge Radio

Please tell us more about your radio show! What do you talk about, and what sort of music do you play?

My show is all about a 14-year-old's point of view. I might talk about current worldwide situations or just things that go on in everyday life. I tend to play music that's trending among my age group, but sometimes I do themed shows. For example, one week I did a Disney-themed show, including songs, quizzes and more! During the show I normally ask listeners to email me on studio@ridgeradio.co.uk if they have ideas for new themes and topics, so please get in touch if you do!

Is there a song, group, or an artist you love to play more than anything or anyone else?

Yes, there is one particular band I love to play a lot. Most of you will be familiar with them, and they are ABBA! I remember when I was only four years old my mum forced me into liking their music by playing it a lot (I had no choice but to listen!) and now I absolutely love them. I also saw the theatre production when I was five. However, in my house it has reached the point where we get woken up at 6am by Mum singing their tunes through Alexa, at volume level seven!

Tell us more about yourself.

I am 14 years old, and I go to school locally. What I love most about my school is the opportunities and facilities they provide the students with. I also get to pursue my passion for performing and the arts. I also enjoy scriptwriting and am just about to take my Grade 7 in singing.

Do any of your classmates know about your show?

Yes, my classmates know, and people in other year groups know about it too! A lot of my friends from primary school listen weekly as well, and my grandparents, and some of my cousins insist on listening too!

Do you have a celebrity crush?

Yes, of course I have a celebrity crush – who doesn't?! It's Timothée Chalamet – make sure you watch the new Dune movie, as he features in it!

Tell us an interesting fact about you.

Hmm…usually when someone asks me this question, I tell them I am a presenter on my local community radio station, but that fact is quite obvious here!

Which fictional character would you be most excited to meet in real life?

The fictional character I would be the most excited to meet in real life would be Eleven, from Stranger Things. She definitely has the most interesting back story and went through a lot as a child. To meet her and see her character development in person would be something completely new!


Which real life person would you like to meet?

I would love to meet Emma Watson: she is a celebrity I have looked up to since I started watching the Harry Potter movies. I love forcing my family to sit through all eight movies with me at Christmas every year- they know they love it really! I know she's not alive any more, but Audrey Hepburn is also an icon I admire. I think it's probably her style, but also, of course, her talent in Breakfast at Tiffanys.

What ridiculous thing has someone tricked you into doing or believing?

I think the most ridiculous thing that someone has tricked me into thinking was when I was six years old. I chewed my first piece of gum and swallowed it, and my friend told me that her mum said when this happens you are then cursed, and destined to become evil. Looking back on it now, I realise how silly it was, but my poor six-year-old self was absolutely traumatised!

What would you like to do when you leave school?

Honestly, I have no idea! There are just so many ideas to choose from. We have to pick our GCSE options soon and it is quite nerve-racking because once you have picked something you cannot go back! I do love languages and hope to pursue a career using those. Perhaps I could act and or present a show in Spanish!

Ridge Radio has many great presenters, like Sky-Brooke. If you'd like to be one, too, why not contact Andy Mac on andy@ridgeradio.co.uk?









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